Thyroid Breakthrough

Learn the successful strategies to breakthrough your thyroid symptoms, reclaim your mind and body and live the life you want.

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Thyroid Breakthrough

a comprehensive, 12 week step-by-step online program for wellness seekers whose thyroid issues have kept them from living their best lives.

You've tried what seems like everything under the sun to get rid of your unpredictable thyroid symptoms and to feel like yourself again. 

But you're burnt out and overwhelmed.

Sometimes, you feel like resigning yourself to the fact that your health will never be where you want it to be. 

But deep down, you know that you deserve better in your life and that you have so much to offer the world if you could just get these damn thyroid issues under control. If so, then "Thyroid Breakthrough" is for you.

Get those damn thyroid symptoms under control. Let's talk. 

Dear Thyroid Fighter, 

I know you want more and that you're thinking there's got to be a different way. Your thyroid symptoms are controlling your life at the moment, right? 

Fluctuating energy levels and fatigue have you crashing at odd times of the day. You just wish you could get a decent night's sleep. 

Brain fog has you making embarrassing mistakes at work and holding you back in your career. Mood swings and irritability are gnawing away at your relationships, which just adds to the guilt.  

Meanwhile, the chronic pain has you avoiding the activities you love, like travelling or dancing or taking your kids to the park. You find more hair in the drain and think to yourself that it's no wonder you don't feel attractive. 

Essentially, what you want more than anything is to feel like the best version of yourself BEFORE all the thyroid drama took over. No, scratch that, you want to feel EVEN BETTER! 

What You Desire Is To...

  • Wake up in the morning refreshed and excited, and with energy that lasts all day long
  • Be able to think clearly without any brain fog so you can be on top of your game creatively and professionally 
  • Have healthy, meaningful relationships and connections in your life that aren’t held back or limited by your lack of energy 
  • Advocate for your own wellbeing, prioritize your needs and take care of yourself so that you can be your best self for others
  • Know how and when to ask for support but also set boundaries with your circle of support, caregivers and loved ones 
  • Know how to check-in with yourself, identify what you need and actually get it 
  • Be confident in knowing what works for your body and not be pulled in multiple directions with advice on how to feel better 
  • Not be controlled by your medications 
  • Embrace your body and stop fighting it 
  • Feel like a confident, sexual being in tune with your body  

above all, you want to break free from your thyroid issues forever. 

The Problem Is That Right Now...

You’ve been putting your wellness on the back burner because of your other commitments and just been dabbling in trying to alleviate your thyroid symptoms. But you know that it’s time to prioritize your wellness and reclaim your mind, body and life.  

Perhaps you have been…  

  • Relying on medications to manage your symptoms without getting to the root causes of them? 
  • Trying random things that people have recommended on Facebook groups with no overall strategy or plan? 
  • Stressing out over what having thyroid issues means for your future pregnancy or children? 
  • Feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start, and even if you did you just don’t have the energy to do it? 
  • Focusing on all the negative repercussions that having thyroid issues has brought into your relationships, work and sense of self worth?  

If you feel stuck and haphazard in your quest for wellness, it’s time to change that. 

No more exhaustion. Let's get you thriving. 

Hey there, take a deep breath. I've got you. 

I'm Nadha Hassen, a formerly baffled thyroid cancer sufferer turned thyroid wellness coach. 

I know exactly what you're going through, and that's the real reason I know I can help you.

I’ve been where you are right now and it sucks.  

Before my thyroid issues began, I was excelling at life. I was working at a prestigious organization while completing my Master of Public Health degree at one of the top universities in the world. I was also planning my beautiful wedding and dreaming about the future. At 24 years old, I was doing it all and doing it well.  

And then, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  

My subsequent total thyroidectomy and treatment threw me into a downward spiral. My energy levels tanked. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, even though my sleep quality was terrible. My joints started aching which made it difficult for me to do simple tasks, like groceries and cooking. At one point, even a shower would tire me out and send me straight back to bed. I felt like I had no control over my body.  

I started to put on weight. I gained over 15 kilos from being hypothyroid and nothing would budge the weight. The chronic pain and fatigue caught me in a vicious cycle. I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror and my self-esteem took a big hit.  

The fatigue and brain fog meant that I couldn’t work efficiently and I had to take medical leave from work and school. I was depressed. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I didn’t just lose my thyroid, I felt like I had lost my life.  

One of my biggest fears after my thyroid cancer diagnosis and being told that I had an aggressive form of cancer was the idea of becoming pregnant or whether I even could. I’ve wanted children for as long as I can remember, and this was a huge burden.  

I was in a bad place and it wasn’t due to lack of trying. Being the organized, A-type personality that I am, I tried my best to figure out a way to get better and heal, both physically and emotionally. I tried naturopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage therapy. I saw a therapist. I joined support groups. I took the vitamins and supplements.  

But, nothing was working.  

And every time someone brought up something I should try, I wanted to cry because they just didn’t get that it was all too much. In hindsight, I realized that a big part of the problem was because I was taking on too much at once, with no overarching strategy. I was trying a little bit of everything, some things with more commitment than others but nothing was working because I couldn’t sustain any of the important practices. And quite honestly, soon after I just stopped trying.  

Around this time, I found out that for several years, including during my cancer treatment, my husband had been cheating on me. This betrayal plunged me deeper into depression and the separation took a toll on me.  

By this point, the good news was that we had my cancer under control. However, I no longer had a thyroid and the hormone replacement medication wasn’t working well. I still had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  

My doctors kept telling me that I should be fine now, that my cancer was under control and that my “thyroid levels” were normal and dismissed my very real symptoms. They treated the cancer, but left me with a quality of life that was horrible. I’ve navigated a health care and medical system that failed to put their patients first.  

With the support of my caregivers, I switched endocrinologists three times until I found the right person willing to listen to me. That was a turning point for my energy levels and an important step in my quest for wellbeing.  

Three years after my initial diagnosis, I had an intense mindset-shifting conversation that helped me recognize how my focus on my thyroid symptoms and everything I couldn’t do was actually preventing me from healing.  

After this, my healing was infinitely faster. I was feeling better and better every single day. My thyroid symptoms reduced dramatically. As I experienced a drastic transformation, I knew I wanted to – needed to - share what I learned.  

Since I broke through my sick person mindset a year ago, I’m delighted to say that today, my life looks so different in the most beautiful way possible.  

I have the energy, drive and mental clarity to  

● Excel in my career and get incredible work opportunities ● Get into a great interdisciplinary PhD program to further explore mental health and well-being ● Start my own coaching business to help others tackle their thyroid issues ● Go on vacations (even by myself!) without worrying about a flare up with debilitating symptoms ● Swim, lift weights and practice yoga several times a week ● Bike around the city, to work and meet friends ● Accept the past and keep an open heart for a new, healthy relationship ● Enjoy time with my loved ones because I can show up for them and be present ● Lose weight and “bloatedness” by incorporating more healing habits into my life ● Complete a 5K!  

And the best part? I no longer fear getting pregnant or worry about my inability to get pregnant. Because when the time comes (and it will), I’ll know to trust myself, the strategies and practices that I implement every day and I am confident that I’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy the process.  

I live what I coach in Thyroid Breakthrough. The reason I developed this coaching program was because thyroid issues take over people’s lives and can rob us of the joy, love, expertise, value and connection we bring to this world.  


Simple. I believe that you can achieve the wellness that you crave ... and deserve. 

I can help turn a life of overwhelm and exhaustion into one of vitality, joy and power. 

You won't have to struggle through years of reading every thyroid-related book out there, or trying every tip you read on social media, before you learn the art and science of thyroid balance.

Most people struggling with a thyroid-related issue think it'll be easy to get rid of symptoms the DIY route. Maybe you've been told that you'll never feel the way you did before or great ever again. Ahem, NOT TRUE!

As a health researcher and trained health promoter, I want to help others with thyroid issues cut through the guesswork and begin to live fully, consciously and with joy right now.

You will never get to where you want to be in your career or relationships or realize your dreams if you don’t prioritize yourself and tackle your thyroid issues first. 

Thyroid issues are tough. So, what separates those who are slaying it in life from those who struggle for life?

The difference is mindset. 

The folks who are struggling with thyroid symptoms for years are thinking: 

"I've already tried everything. I just need to get used to this new normal and whatever is meant to be will be." 

"I don't want to think about what I need to do. It's overwhelming."

"It's a long process. Nothing can happen in 3 months"

"This program may work for x,y, z but it'll never work for me"

"I've got other priorities, and I don't have the time to make changes in my life. " 

"I can't invest money in myself right now. I can just piece together what I read about online and it will get better." 

"I can't stay motivated enough to make the changes I need to make." 

I know that's NOT you! Please don't be another thyroid suffering statistic, like I was, and put yourself and your loved ones through pain before you wake up. 

I don't want you to waste any more precious time and energy trying to figure it out on your own. That's why I developed my signature "Thyroid Breakthrough" program. 

Let's talk. 

Over 12 weeks, you will learn my signature system to to push past your thyroid health issues through a life-changing transformation

You will start with examining your mindset and doing some real soul work to breakthrough all the barriers that are keeping you from making real change and progress with your health and wellbeing.  

That’s not to say that what you’re experiencing isn’t real or hard or unfair, because it is, but through resilience building strategies, I will get you ready to take on anything that comes your way. And really - I mean anything. 

I've designed this program in a way that works, because I know what wasn't working for me. I know what hasn't been working for others on the spectrum of thyroid issues, whether it is thyroid cancer or Hashimotos Thyroiditis or Graves disease or hypothyroidism. 

I know the reality of being in the thick of it all, and the importance of building on incremental changes so you have lasting results.  

This isn't a piecemeal approach. I'm not just going to give you a snippet of information and leave you to discover the rest. This is the whole package that covers all the essentials to reclaim your mind, body and life.  

We will work through customizable, action steps to create a new reality for you.

Here is what to expect from the program: Thyroid Breakthrough

This program isn't just theory. It's experiential, hands-on, customizable and fun. Every week, there's a digestible lesson with practical tools and workbooks, that build on the previous work you've done. You'll make solid progress in one module before moving onto the next one. 

By the end of 12 weeks, your most important take-aways will be: 


Modules and Lessons

1. Dissolve Your Sick Identity

This foundational mind shift work will enable you to name the constant reel of thoughts in your head, with gentleness and compassion. Learn techniques to catch yourself and de-escalate the negative narrative. 

2. Build Resilience

Learn the strategies that keep people resilient - able to quickly recover from setbacks, adapt well to change and keep going no matter what comes up. 

3. Mindful Organization

Declutter inside and out. You'll get access to the Thyroid Transitions Toolkit to organize your medical history, tests and medication. We'll also talk about your home and work spaces. We're going to free up the mental space to do the important stuff. 

4. Your Support Circle & Caregivers

Such an important topic because our support circle is everything to our healing BUT a chronic illness can wear these down. We need to know how to ask for help and equally important, how to set boundaries. We'll nurture your specific relationships. 

5. Cultivate Healing Habits & Practices

Learn how to start and sustain healing habits that will diminish and even eliminate your symptoms. You'll receive tracking sheets to stay on top of your practices, practice accountability and appreciate what they bring to your life. 

6. Plan for Flare Ups

A fear many of us have is knowing that we could have a flare up and that symptoms will come back with a vengenance. You'll create a tailored Flare Up Self Care Plan that works for you to help move past the fear and those days with wisdom.

7. Eating Well & Getting Nourished

You probably know that what we put in our mouths has a huge impact on our well-being. The reason this lesson is halfway through the program is because it is ESSENTIAL that you do the underlying heart and mind work before you can commit to lasting changes in your diet and life. We'll discuss gut health, inflammation, nutrients, vitamins and more. 

8. Healing Your Sleep

I've healed my insomnia, sleep terrors and now wake up refreshed and energized. I want that for you. By building on the healing practices you've already cultivated, you'll develop and implement a sleep routine that works for you.

9. Getting Active & Enjoying It

Movement is key to our body's wellness. Even if you have chronc pain, you'll get back or recommit to activities you love as an intentional ritual in self-care. 

10. Advocating for Yourself

Many of us don't prioritize our needs and wellbeing. The truth is that we have to show up for ourselves first before we can do it for others. 

That includes advocating for ourselves with our health care providers, or at work, in our relationships, friendships - you name it- we have to respect ourselves enough to know what we deserve. 

11. You as a Sexual Being 

Thyroid issues play havoc with the libido, self-esteem and energy. Building on all the life-changing work you've done so far and with the guidance of some powerful techniques, you'll begin to enjoy sex again and truly connect with your partner.

12. Powerful You, Fulfilled Life

You have permission to DREAM BIG! Create a powerful vision for your life for moving forward, one that you have been afraid to articulate because your health has been holding you back. 

Thyroid Breakthrough is for people who are committed to creating lasting change for themselves. 

That's why the program is by application only. 

Book your Breakthrough Call

How does it all work?

Here are the details of what you'll get 

Welcome Packet and Orientation:

A welcome packet which will help you define your purpose for engaging with this program and provide organizational tips to maximize success and get the most out of the program.

Audio Lessons + Workbooks

You'll receive weekly audio lessons and uniquely designed workbooks guiding you step-by-step through the program for you to personalize your healing. You'll have lifetime access to these materials.

Group Accountability

Access to the secret and exclusive Facebook community for other women going through the course, share tips and get questions answered and get support/advice for your journey. Plus, additional access to Nadha Hassen by posting your questions in this private forum. (Priceless)  

Full email access

Full email access Nadha Hassen, a health promotion specialist, for 3 months. Submit your questions directly to me for personalized help. (Priceless)

One-On-One Support

6 one-on-one private coaching calls with Nadha to support your progress, provide mindset coaching and provide tailored support. This is the most powerful component of the program, where you get my undivided attention and are full of amazing breakthroughs. 


Numerous high-value *BONUS* materials including a toolkit of resources including symptom tracker, mood tracker, flare up self care plan and more. 

My clients work with me because...

I can quickly see where your progress is blocked and how it's preventing you from breaking through and healing with ease. 

I go beyond just information. 

I focus on transformation. 

Positive, Real and Truthful

"I love Nadha's positivity, mixed with her realism, her truthfuless and how she allows herself to "feel" and be in touch with her emotions, but not wallow in the downside of it. 

She is the best example and definition of what true strength is, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and no matter how much she has been through in life, she has so much more to give." 

- Nurah K. 

What happens after you apply? 

If you’re enthusiastic and curious about the next step, the chances are that we are a really good match and I’m so EXCITED to work with you to achieve your goals and dreams, and the life that you desire and DESERVE.  

Step 1: Schedule a Thyroid Breakthrough Call with me so we can ensure the program is the right fit for you. 

Step 2: Upon scheduling your call, you’ll be asked to fill out a call preparation form to give me a sense of where you are at and to help me prepare for our chat. I’ll help you gain clarity on your current challenges and life goals, and answer any questions you have about the program.

This program is an intensive and transformational experience. I have limited availability and will only work with those who are really committed to getting to the root of their thyroid issues and reclaiming their lives.

Step 3: If we both feel it’s a good fit, I will invite you to join te program and we can start right away. Upon joining, we’ll immediately schedule your first coaching call. We'll schedule our one-to-one calls around your availability. 

Step 4: Once you complete your registration and payment, your Welcome Packet and Orientation Module will arrive in your inbox! You'll be on your way to reclaiming your mind, body and life! 

Yes! Let's get started!

What makes this program different? 

Thyroid Breakthrough is unique because it is designed as a transformational experience to burst through those mind and life blocks built up because of your thyroid issues. You need to gain control so you can reclaim your mind and body and build the life that you desire.  

There are plenty of books, resources and support groups on thyroid issues out there, there are even some coaching programs, but none of them start where it matters most which is to help you get through the negative, frustrating narrative that has been built up in your head and that’s stopping you from being well.  

The comprehensive approach builds on incremental change, and yes we will delve into nourishing your body, incorporating physical activity and cultivating good habits and practices that will serve you for a lifetime. 

But you can’t run before you walk. You have to start with the soul work. You’ll need to identify your fears and the stories you’ve created which will allow you to tap into the wellness within you and connect with the vision you have for your life. And it may sound counter-intuitive, but you have to accept where you are at right now in order to get well.  

I’ll show you how to hone in on the core issues, quickly calm your negative cycle and flare-ups, and create abundance and wellbeing. 

I’ll share all the tools, strategies and mindset changes that finally helped me get where I am today so you don’t have to wander around in the dark or spend years like I did trying to forge a path to healing. The truth is that there is no magic product or diet or quick fix that will get you where you crave to be, but there is a system.  

With the right support, steps and tools, you won’t waste anymore time aimlessly reading articles and books that don’t pertain to your specific issue, trying in vain to solve your problem by going in circles, only to end in more pain and disconnection, or seeing small improvements that seem to rapidly fade away. This can go for months…or even years…especially when same underlying patterns persist and worsen.  

No more wasting time standing on the sidelines of life, longing for fulfillment.  

I’m also excited to welcome you into a positive community of people thriving despite their thyroid issues.  

I know what it’s like to keep scrolling through Facebook groups and instagram profiles reading the complaints and commiserating, wallowing in the negativity with an ever growing sense that this is just what your life looks like now. 

It’s not about disregarding those difficult, challenging emotions, but acknowledging them and also recognizing that wallowing doesn’t serve us well.  

This program will connect you with like-minded, positive, compassionate individuals who know that not every day is a great one, but generally, LIFE IS FANTASTIC and meant to be lived fully!  

My Promise To You

My promise to you is that after 12 weeks you will have confronted some of the biggest hurdles keeping you from the life you desire and deserve. You’ll experience a transformation in your mindset that will translate into your daily routines, practices and life. You’ll know that it is possible to not just tackle your thyroid issues, but anything that comes your way and create a fulfilled, joyful and powerful life.  

Basically, at the end of this program, if you decide you want to cut out dairy permanently, train for a marathon or start your own business, you will have all the tools to overcome your thyroid limitations and accomplish all your goals with resilience and success.  

It takes courage to grow. 

A beautiful transformation is within your reach if ...

● You’ve been living with chronic symptoms for a while and are in a place where you are ready to break through 

● You’ve had enough of trying to piece together bits of information to address your thyroid health issues 

● You understand the importance of making core changes to yourself 

● You’re ready to do what it takes to discover the root of your current narrative and lifestyle choices 

● You are willing to grow and shift your mindset  

You may not be ready for Thyroid Breakthrough if...

● You are at an acute point in your thyroid journey such as going in for a thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine treatment 

● You just want to lose weight or just want to “fix” your thyroid levels 

● You aren’t yet ready or willing to invest in yourself 

● You’re not ready to do the work necessary. Your heart has to be in it! I can only take you so far.  

You could keep going it alone and...

  • Continue to feel misunderstood and lonely
  • Go back and forth between blaming yourself, your doctor or some external circumstance 
  • Make the mistake of thinking more recipes, green juices, vitamins will fix the problem 
  • Feel overwhelmed by everything you feel you need to do
  • Try different things on different days with no real overall strategy or intention
  • Feel guilty for your declining relationship with your partner, spouse, kids and friends.
Are you ready?
Let's transform with ease and intention!


Q) When can I start the program? A) Right away! If we’re a good fit for each other and you want to join as a client, there's no need to wait.  

Q) How can I find the time to do this program with my busy schedule? Early in the program, we’ll discuss ways to better manage your time and fit things that are important to you into your schedule, no matter how much you have going on.

Q) If I've just been diagnosed with a thyroid health issue, is this program still for me? Let's schedule a time to chat to talk about where you are at right now, what your diagnosis is and what the next few months are looking like for you. This call is absolutely free.

Q) What if some of the modules aren’t relevant to me? All I ask that you approach this program with an open mind and curiosity. The beauty of my 1-2-1 programme is that we go at your pace, and it’s tailored to you as an individual. We can breeze through modules or break them down into several week deep-dives depending on what you uniquely need.  

Q) I’m in! What types of payment do you take? We accept several different payment methods and payment plans are also available.  

Q) I have a different question. Do you have any more question you would like answering? I’m here to help and I’m just an email away. Contact me at